Twitter Promotions Responsible for $6.5 Million in Sales, Dell Reports

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Social networking may be on the fast-track to market networking, if Dell’s habits become widespread. Dell reports it is taking advantage of social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to develop networks of Dell followers, within which it promotes its products. And, according to Dell, the practice seems to be working.

Speaking specifically of Twitter, Manish Mehta, vice president of Dell’s online sales unit, says the number of followers of Dell’s tweets now numbers 1.5 million. Furthermore, these followers have spent an estimated $6.5 million on Dell hardware, software, and accessories.

Dell keeps it’s Twitter network active with more than 100 employees sending out tweets over 35 different channels to followers in 12 countries. According to Mehta, “It’s a very vibrant channel for us and it’s growing aggressively. It’s not just our reach and growth that has progressed, it’s that it’s happening globally.”

If Dell’s tweet-related sales are measured against total revenue, it doesn’t seem this approach is much better than mass-mailing. With $6.1 billion in annual revenue, tweet-related sales account for only 0.11% of the total. It hardly seems worth the effort.

Image Credit: Dell, Twitter

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