Twitter Picture Teases a 12-Core AMD A-Series APU

Paul Lilly

Don't bet the farm on this one

A picture making the rounds on Twitter and elsewhere has AMD fans crossing their fingers that it means what it looks like it means. And just what would that be? A 12-core chip! Bear in mind that nothing has been confirmed, and furthermore, there are some alternate explanations as to what the picture actually depicts. Disclaimer aside, the image appears to hint that a 12-core AMD A-Series APU is around the corner .

News and rumor site WCCFTEch offered up some analysis on the picture, which apparently was posted by an AMD PR person with an #AMDEvolved tag. What the picture shows is a truck with a dozen AMD robots on the side and AMD's A-Series logo on the back. At a glance, that would seem to suggest a chip with 12 Steamroller cores, right? Possibly.

The thing is, AMD can be funny about labeling its chips. For example, AMD advertises Kaveri as having 12 compute cores, but only four of those are CPU cores; the remaining eight are GPU cores. On the flip side, all the robots in the pic are the same color, so in theory, they'd all be CPU cores, right?

Then again, it could just be much ado about nothing -- we'll have to wait and see.

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