Twitter Fails to Hire Away High-Level Googler

Ryan Whitwam

Google's ranks have been raided by Twitter and Facebook more than once in the last year. Employees have been following lucrative offers away from The Big G, and that has led many to insinuate that Google has lost its mojo. In perhaps the biggest coup attempt yet, Twitter failed to hire away Google VP Sundar Pichai . Mr. Pichai is the VP in charge of products like Chrome and Chrome OS.

No one is saying just what Google had to do to keep Pichai around, but the rumor is that it took a large pay increase. Stories are floating around silicon valley about Google engineers being offered millions in additional compensation to turn down offers from Facebook and Twitter. Pichai is said to be a particularly valued employee, so we wouldn't be surprised if Schmidt approved a mighty payout in this case. Looks like Twitter will have to continue their search for a VP of product.

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