Twitter Expanding to Cell Users Without Internet Access

Brittany Vincent

Tweeting without internet access will soon be a reality for some

Tweeting is best done with an internet connection, as we all know. How else can you stay up-to-date with your feed, share your updates, and discover new friends and faces to follow? That's all about to change, as Twitter has partnered with a Singapore business that would aid the social network site to grow in smaller markets.

U2opia Mobile will be introducing a new service in March of 2014 that will allow users without internet-enabled phones to use Twitter. The secret behind tweeting without an internet connection lies within Unstructured Supplementary Data (USSD) that allows cell phone users to dial a special number that allows them to receive updates in that manner when an internet connection is not available. Users wouldn't be able to tweet images or video, but they could send text updates, and since that's Twitter's primary method of use it would act as a huge boon for those adopting new accounts.

It's an idea that could very quickly work to bring the world even closer together and one that would surely benefit both Twitter and those in areas without access to service that allows them to surf the web.

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