Twitter De-Friends Facebook, Possible Merger is Off

Maximum PC Staff

A few weeks back Twitter and Facebook ended some big talks , where Facebook was looking to snatch up twitter for $500 million of its stock.

Sometime in mid-October Facebook had instigated talks with the San Francisco- based Twitter about possibly bringing them both together. And while the idea seemed great on paper (the world’s fastest growing microblogging site along with the obscenely popular social networking site), concerns of integration and cost were a large part of why the deal didn’t come to fruition.

Still, Twitter executives and board members felt that they should work on building their own revenues before they look at the possibility of a merger. Currently, they’ve got none.

What the future holds for Twitter, we don’t know. But in the meantime, we’ll continue to keep all of you updated on how we feel by using it.

Image Credit: Twitter

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