Twitter Comments to Land Courtney Love in Court

Paul Lilly

We're not surprised Courtney Love said/wrote something that earned her a lawsuit, we're just surprised this is the first time a celebrity's been sued over comments left on Twitter.

According to the Hollywood Reporter , Love had been in a dispute with Dawn Simorangkir, a fashion designer seeking payment for clothes worth several thousand dollars. For whatever reason, Love decided to fire off a string of insults and personal attacks against Simorangkir on her Twitter account.

"She has received a VAST amount of money from me over 40,000 dollars and I do not make people famous and get raped TOO!," Love tweeted.

That was the least of Love's comments, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which says Love also accused the fashion designer of being a drug-pushing prostitute. The end result is the first high-profile defamation trial over Twitter comments.

"We don't believe there's any defamation, and even if there were defamatory statements, there was no damage," says James Janowitz, an attorney for Love.

The big question -- and potential precedent -- is whether or not users would legally interpret Love's Twitter posts as facts rather than opinion.

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