Twitter CEO Says Company Lacks Long Term Vision

Ryan Whitwam

It was just last month that Dick Costolo took over as CEO of Twitter. He;s only given one major interview since then, but managed to flat out say that Twitter doesn't have a ' clear long term vision '. Twitter has changed dramatically since it began. The service started as an SMS-based service, hence the 140 character limit. It has since expanded in so many ways with link shortening and smartphone apps.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has also said that Twitter is hard to define because its users have defined it so much over the last few years. We can certainly appreciate that. Ideas like retweets and replies were invented by users before being integrated with the platform. Maybe another use for Twitter will be developed by the users that changes the purpose of the service yet again.

Do you think Twitter is destined to be a vastly different product in the future, or is this it?

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