Twitter Beefs Security with HTTPS Option

Paul Lilly

Twitter has added a new security option that lets you enable using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) by default when accessing the microblogging service. According to Twitter, this should help ease your mind when logging into the service from an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, like a public hotspot. The ability to use HTTPS to access Twitter has actually been around for some time, just in the past you had to manually navigate to .

You'll find the new option by heading to your settings page and checking the "Always use HTTPS" box towards the bottom. Save the changes and then stop worrying that "someone may be able to eavesdrop on your site activity."

Twitter says it hopes to eventually make HTTPS the default setting, and in some cases, it already is. The official mobile Twitter app for iPhone and iPad, for example, automatically use HTTPS, though don't assume that all third-party apps are doing the same.

You should also be aware that even if you enable HTTPS on your settings page, there are some cases where it won't be used, such as when accessing Twitter from a mobile browser. Twitter is working on a fix, but in the meantime, if you're accessing Twitter from a mobile device and want the added layer of security, bookmark and/or manually visit when logging in.

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