Twist: Assassin's Creed III to be Set During American Revolution

Maximum PC Staff

After what's felt like a lifetime of playing Ezio's, well, entire life, Assassin's Creed is finally in for a much-requested/angrily demanded change of scenery. More specifically, the American Revolution is about to get a massive shipment of conveniently placed hay bales, which have somehow been imbued with the magical power to muffle the sound of a 170 lb or so man falling 100 feet. But we digress. So far, Ubisoft's only officially sent along a box shot of AC III's tomahawk-wielding main character making a British soldier's head revolt from the rest of his body, but All Games Beta has managed to dig up roughly a billion screens depicting everything from wildlife hunting to George Freaking Washington. Ubisoft's PC indiscretions notwithstanding, this has us pretty damn intrigued. Apparently, more info's coming on Monday, so we'll emerge from our impregnable hay bale bunker as soon as that happens.

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