Tweets Haven't Replaced Emails (Yet)

Brad Chacos

So how do you spend your typical day on the Internet? If you spend most of your time trying out new Chrome extensions, trolling forums or debating the pros and cons of one computer chassis over another, congratulations; you've taking the Maximum PC ethos to heart. Even so, you're probably forgetting just how often you shoot off emails or sift through Google search results. A new report says that those two activities are still the most popular time-sucks online. Shocker, huh?

According to Pew Internet , 92 percent of Internet users do each of those two activities, which leads us to wonder how eight percent of the population gets by without Google. Those 92 percent figures average out to roughly 70 percent of all adult Americans. Email is the more frequently used of the two; 61 percent of online adults check their inbox on an average day, compared to 59 percent who conduct Internet searches.

The real trendsetter is social media use; only 11 percent of all online adults used Myspace and its clones back in 2004. Pew reports that number's skyrocketed up to 65 percent as of May 2011.  Surprised? Not us. We get Tweets from our grandmother all the time.

Image credit: Pew Internet

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