TweetDeck Web App Opening to Limited Beta

Ryan Whitwam

TweetDeck is one of the most popular desktop Twitter clients out there, and a new beta program is aiming to bring the app into the web. TweetDeck is preparing to open a limited beta test of the new HTML5 TweetDeck web app . The product will initially support Chrome, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4 and Safari. Internet Explorer 9 and Opera support will be added later.

Several month ago, TweetDeck released a Google Chrome Web Store app version of the client. If you've used that, you'll see a lot of the same in the new web app. Most of the core architecture is the same, but the web app required no download and will be available on all major platforms when complete.

Interested parties should sign up with a TweetDeck account here , and wait to be called up. Does the idea of a robust web-based Twitter client appeal to you more than a desktop one?

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