'Tweet' Secures Spot in Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Paul Lilly

There's no way around it, "Tweet" is an official word, having now cracked its way into the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary, according to an Associate Press report. The announcement comes after " Retweet " made it into the 12th edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. Tech and social media terms are having their day in the sun.

As a noun, Merriam-Webster defines tweet as "a post made on the Twitter online message service," and as a verb, it means "to post a message to the Twitter online message service." Pretty straightforward, though it speaks volumes about the impact of social media in everyday language.

"Even if people had no interest or possible chance of getting a Twitter account themselves, they now have to know what 'tweet' means, and that's really why it's in the dictionary," said Peter Sokolowski , an editor with Merriam-Webster. "It's not just because the users of that service are so numerous, although they are. It's because even the non-users have to know what that word means because they'll encounter it so often in everyday use."

Merriam-Webster also added "m-commerce," "fist-bump," and several other terms.

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