TVs with Intel Chips, Yahoo Widget Channel to Debut at CES 2009


Many TVs with the new Intel Media Processor CE 3100, a SoC specifically designed for consumer electronics, will be showcased during the upcoming CES 2009 . Intel had unveiled its new SoCs triggered at consumer electronics during the Intel Developer Forum earlier this year.

Intel has joined hands with Yahoo, which will be the first company to tap the power of the CE3100 chips with its Widget Channel. Consumers will be fed TV-friendly internet content through the Widget Channel, which will support ubiquitous web development platforms like JAVASCRIPT, XML, HTML and Flash. Additionally, TV viewers will be able to connect with each other using the technology.

Yahoo doesn’t want the technology to be restricted to high-end TVs alone. Yahoo’s Patrick Berry, VP of its Connected TV Initiative, told Cnet that he expects internet-enabled consumer electronics devices to become commonplace by 2010.

As previous attempts at providing a rich internet experience through TV sets failed due to unpalatable intricacy of those ill-fated technologies, the two companies have tried to make the Widgets Channel as simple as possible.

Image Credit: Cnet

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