Turntable.fm Gets Funding, Releases iPhone App

Ryan Whitwam

Turntable.fm instantly became the musical smash hit of the summer when it arrived a few months back. Now the New York-based start up has begun an expansion after receiving $7.5 million in venture funding . The first order of business was to release an iPhone app that brings the unique Turntable look to mobile devices.

Turntable allows users to gather in a virtual room where several users act as DJs and play tracks for the crowd. The audience can vote on each song, which awards points to the DJ. This social gaming aspect of music enjoyment has proven very popular so far. Since the service launched there have been more than 300,000 rooms created and 600,000 users have signed up. Keep in mind that this has all been done in a semi-private beta.

Along with the iOS app, all users will now be able to get access to Turntable.fm through Facebook. Previously, only users that already had a friend on the service could get in. No word yet on other mobile platforms, but we can hope.

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