TUL's PowerColor PCS+ HD7850 is a Graphics Card for Gamers Who Fancy Factory Overclocks

Paul Lilly

Overclocking a graphics card isn't terribly difficult, and if you're careful, it's not all that dangerous either. But there's always that risk of taking things too far or ending up with components that just don't respond well to faster clockspeeds. Factory overclocked cards get around both problems, and one of the newest on the market is TUL Corporation's PowerColor PCS+ HD7850, a spiffy looking hunk of hardware with a power friendly design.

The P owerColor PCS+ HD7850 strolls into town sporting a 1000MHz core clockspeed and 1225MHz memory clockspeed. AMD's reference blueprint calls for Radeon HD 7850 graphics cards to be clocked at 860MHz for the core and 1200MHz for the memory.

TUL said it armed the PCS+ HD7850 with a 'Gold Power Kit' design, a fancy way of describing a combination of features intended to help keep the card stable. These include DrMos (integrated Dr iver MOS FET) Digital PWM (pulse-width modulation), and a multi-phase design, all of which work together to provide cleaner, consistent voltage.

Cooling chores are handled by a custom heatsink with a 92mm fan and SS-Shape heatpipes with direct touch technology. According to TUL, this allows the card to run 15 percent quieter and 15 percent cooler than AMD's reference cooler.

TUL didn't announce when the new card will ship or for how much, though as a point of reference, the PowerColor's stock clocked AX7850 streets for around $260.

Image Credit: TUL Corporation

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