TteSports Introduces 'Challenger Go' Membrane Gaming Keyboard with 40 Programmable Macros



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"very short travel distance to actuation on each key"

Cherry MX keys have about 4mm of travel with about 2-3mm to actuation, which I think is what my low profile membrane key is already at. And with reds or blacks, you can easily rapid fire the key. I fail to see how this keyboard has any real advantage.



While I enjoy the membrane action on my higher-end Logitech boards... TTE tends to make low end crap to start with. Unless I could lay hands on this somewhere and be sure it's not just a rebranded walmart special, I'll pass.



Membrane keyboards with backlighting can be had for less than $20. Unless this one has scissor switches to even out the action for those keys, it's an overpriced slab of crap.



searching endlessly on newegg,tiger amazon.
Membrane/backlighting for less the $20 seems elusive to me????
Big favor, can you send a link to that one you saw for under $20 that has Membrane and backlighting. It's going to be a gift for my daughter.
Don't care about scissor, always thought they were a bit louder.
Yo! Thanks soooo much in advance for that link man!!!!



I have never seen TTE make a quality piece of hardware. For $40 more (cheaper online) you can pick up a Steelseries Apex gaming keyboard at Best Buy.