Try Before You Buy or Free Advertising? EVGA Debuts Loaner Program

Paul Lilly

When it comes to software, free trials have become the norm and not the exception. The same doesn't apply to computer hardware, or at least it didn't before now.

EVGA has launched a Loaner Program in which participants can "test out the latest and greatest technology offered for two weeks right in your home." Once you sign up, EVGA says it will randomly select participants, who will then have two weeks to test and review the item(s) before shipping it all off to the next person selected by EVGA. There's no fee to join, however participants are responsible for shipping via UPS to the next tester.

Right now EVGA is offering two programs, one consisting of a Samsung 22-inch 120Hz LCD monitor and Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision glasses, and the other includes an EVGA X58 3X SLI Classified motherboard.

More information and sign up forms here .

Image Credit: EVGA

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