Troy Fryfogle's Hellusion

Nathan Edwards

Sequels always suck, right? Well, sometimes that’s not the case. How about Godfather II? Troy Fryfogle’s Hellusion mod is another example of the exception proving the rule. A year in the making, this mod is the follow-up to Troy’s HellRaiser Cenobite PC (

The Hellusion was built from the inside out, with the puzzle box illusion created first since it’s the primary visual aspect and innermost point—and because if it didn’t work correctly, the rest of the mod wouldn’t come together. We say it came together perfectly—and we’re hoping this series becomes a trilogy!

Where’s the rig? This box seems to hold only the Hellraiser puzzle cube, yet it’s a fully functional machine.

The case was built entirely from scratch, and there’s not a single screw or rivet holding it together. Instead, Troy used Alum Angle and AcrylPanel throughout.

This magician has chosen to reveal his tricks. While the Hellraiser cube sits in the center of the rig, all the components are cleverly hidden around the edges of the case.

For his winning entry, Troy wins a $500 gift certificate for to fund his modding madness!

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