Trinity Yields Looking Good So Far, AMD Can Exhale

Paul Lilly

From a manufacturing standpoint, it's been nothing short of a challenging year for AMD. Poor yields affected AMD's 32nm Llano Fusion APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), which ended up delaying its release. Looking ahead, it appears AMD's next generation Trinity APUs will enjoy a smoother rollout and won't be hit by the same yield issues that plagued Llano.

News and rumor site Fudzilla reports that Trinity is "looking good" so far, based on sources close to AMD. That means Trinity has a good shot at launching in the first quarter of 2012 as planned, and equally important for AMD, will allow the chip maker to kick the new year off on the right foot.

Trinity, in case you're not familiar, is based on Piledriver, which itself is a tweaked version of Bulldozer. It's an upgrade to Llano for general purpose computing and is based on the socket FM2 package. Roughly speaking, performance is expected to be anywhere from 20 percent to 30 percent faster than Llano, on average, based on early benchmarks around the Web.

Image Credit: AMD

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