Tribes Ascending to Open Beta on Friday

Maximum PC Staff

What are you doing this weekend? OK, let us rephrase that: what plans are you canceling this weekend because they don't involve blue death discs and jetpacks? Tribes: Ascend, you see, is finally making the 50-foot vertical leap into open beta , and it's bringing four modes, nine customizable classes, and nine maps along with it. Also, seeing as it's free-to-play, this version of the high-flying FPS revival will probably carry on until the End Times, meaning that – in all likelihood – not even version 1.0 will steamroll your stats and unlocks. Regardless, this has “socially crippling multiplayer obsession” written all over it, and that's our favorite kind of obsession. So then, can we expect to see you gracefully skiing to battle alongside us, practically begging physics to write an amendment to the Gravity Constitution because you so thoroughly broke its laws?

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