Trent Reznor Unimpressed with Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg's IQ


Just because Trent Reznor composed the score for the movie The Social Network doesn't mean he's a fan of Facebook. Just the opposite, really, and while we're at it, let's mention that he also doesn't like all the media attention Mark Zuckerberg receives either.

"As far as the concept [of Facebook] goes, I don't think it's actually executed that well," Reznor said in an interview with "The layout's kind of foolish and the processing is terrible, as a tool. When I see the media heralding Zuckerberg, putting him up on a pedestal of genius and mentioned in the same breath as Steve Jobs, I'm highly disagree with that. He was in the right place, at the right time, with a functional tool. I think if something came along doing what Facebook does and was just a lot better at it, then, well, most people use Facebook because everyone's on Facebbok, bu then you see how quickly Friendster and MySpace crashed. But as a tool, it's okay."

To be fair, Reznor didn't set out to diss Facebook and one of its high profile founders, he just went where the questions led him. He spent the majority of the interview talking about the movie's soundtrack and music in general. You can read the entire thing here .

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