Trendnet's Travel Router Keeps Everyone Connected on the Go

Paul Lilly

Turned wired Internet into wireless with a wall socket

Trendne t announced the availability of its N150 Wireless Travel Router (TEW-714TRU), a compact device that makes it possible to share a single Internet connection with multiple users when away from home. It's an interesting concept considering that Wi-Fi is fairly ubiquitous these days, though you may run into an older hotel or visit a family member that's still rocking a wired connection. These are situations where the Travel Router would come into play.

To use it, you just plug the Travel Router into a wall socket (it comes with American, European, and British style electrical plugs), connect the Ethernet cable, and set it to Router Mode. To share a single wireless hotel (or other) Internet connection, you'd set the Travel Router to WISP Mode and enter the provided Username and Password.

As an added bonus, you can charge mobile gadgets on the Travel Router's USB port, as well as share content from those devices, so it's more than just a one-trick pony.

The N150 Wireless Travel Router will be available later this month for $60 MSRP.

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