Trendnet Points a Shrink Ray at 200Mbps Powerline Adapter, Now 30 Percent Smaller

Paul Lilly

Trendnet has built up a portfolio of more Powerline Adapters than you can shake a snow globe at, and the networking company almost let 2011 close without one more release. Almost. With just over a week to go before the calendar flips to 2012, Trendnet launched a new compact Powerline AV Adapter, model TPL-306E, that replaces and is about 30 percent smaller than the older TPL-303E series.

The new Powerline Adapter functions the same as before, it just works its mojo in less space. You plug one adapter into your router and plug another one into any outlet on the same electrical system for instant high-speed wireline network access wherever it's convenient.

Additional features include a Sync button to change existing 128-bit AES encryption keys, an LED display to indicate device status, automatic QoS support, neighbor network support for up to four overlapping networks, and embedded power saving technology Trendnet claims can lower power consumption by as much as 70 percent in standby mode.

The TPL-306E is available now for $55. You can also purchase a $100 kit ( TPL-306E2K ) that comes with two Powerline Adapters.

Image Credit: Trendnet

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