Trendnet Gets Trippy with 1300Mbps AC Router, 500Mbps Powerline Adapter

Paul Lilly

Someone check Trendnet's engineers for whiplash because the speed geeks in lab coats just unveiled a pair of super fast networking products, including a 1300Mbps dual band wireless router built around the new 802.11ac standard (TEW-811DR), and a 500Mbps Compact Powerline AV Adapter (TPL-406E and TPL-406E2K). Both products are going on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

In case you haven't heard, 802.11ac is a new turbo charged wireless protocol designed to leave the 802.11n standard sitting in a fetal position with thumb planted in mouth. At full tilt, 802.11ac can theoretically hit as high as 6.8Gbps, though the first generation of products will be rated at either 866Mpbs or, as in this case, 1.3Gbps.

"New 802.11ac represents a huge jump in wireless performance," stated Zak Wood, director of global marketing for Trendnet. "It will be able to easily handle a large number of wireless connections simultaneously. It will also be able to support extremely high wireless throughput at great distances from the router."

The TEW-811DR is a concurrent dual band router with a 450Mbps wireless n band along with an ultra high performance 1300Mbps wireless band. It has gigabit ports for wired connections, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), and WWM technology, among other goodies. Look for the TEW-811DR to ship in late 2012 with an MSRP above $200.

Trendnet's other big reveal is its 500Mbps Powerline adapter mentioned above. As with other Powerline adapters, you network one adapter into your router, the other into an outlet on the same electrical system, and you're good to go. The TPL-406E will be available in April 2012 for $60, or you can pick up a kit (TPL-406E2K) with two adapters for $100.

Image Credit: Trendnet

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