Trendnet Embraces Open Source DD-WRT Firmware for Select Wireless AC Routers

Paul Lilly

You can now install third-party DD-WRT firmware on certain Trendent AC routers

We don't know if a war is brewing between Trendnet and Linksys, but like the latter's WRT1900AC router, Trendnet today announced open source DD-WRT firmware compatibility for its high performance TEW-818DRU (v1.0), TEW-821DRU (v2.0)l, and TEW-811DRU (v1.0) Wireless-AC routers. This is pretty big news for networking gurus who like to tinker but are other otherwise bound by their router's stock firmware.

Zak Wood, director of global marketing for Trendnet, said the decision to support DD-WRT was the result of customer feedback. Third-party firmware is favored by enthusiasts because it grants access to controls that might otherwise be locked down, such as modifying wireless radio power (strong signals can increase range, but comes at the expense of reliability), choosing from a wider DDNS service support list, setup VLANs for wired ports, more fine grain control over QoS settings, and more.

Tread carefully, networking Jedis. Trendnet is upfront about the fact that installing open source DD-WRT firmware immediately voids the router's warranty. If you don't know what you're doing, you can brick a router with third-party firmware, or even fry it by boosting signals to the point where the router begins to overheat.

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