Trend Micro Research Claims that Infections Last for Years


New Research by Trend Micro suggests that some malware infections hang around for as long as two years in some circumstances. This new data refutes previous estimates that the infection limit was approximately six weeks. Their research consisted of the analysis of over 100 million compromised IPs where they found that four out of five machines remain infected for longer than a month.

They concluded that if machines were not disinfected quickly, that those infections would linger until the machines were disconnected altogether, speculating replacement as the eventual solution.

After further investigation into network botnets, Trend Micro was also able to pinpoint that the majority of identity-theft reports traced back to three agent strains: Koobface, Zeus/Zbot and Ilomo/Clampi. In particular, the hysterically named Koobface botnet updated its infrastructure to use proxies and relays making it nearly impossible to eradicate.

Image credit: Mucinex

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