Trend Micro Invests Millions into Cloud Computing Subsidiary

Paul Lilly

Security firm Trend Micro last week announced a new wholy owned cloud computing subsidiary, TCloud Computing, which the company says will provide technological expertise, system integration, consulting, and training for clients to establish their own cloud computing architectures.

Trend Micro has raised about $3.8 million in initial capital and 60 staff members for its new venture, and plans to add some 200 more to its TCloud Computing workforce in 2010, targeting mostly those with an engineering background. But that investment's a drop in the bucket compared to the $300 million Trend Micro has spent over the past four years to conduct R&D to build an infrastructure for cloud computing.

Setting its sights mostly on telecom carriers and enterprises in Taiwan and other countries in Asia, Trend Micro says its TCloud Computing business should generate about $3.74 million over the next two years.

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