Travel Friendly 'Disk Mouse' Concept Looks Uncomfortable

Paul Lilly

Netbook users can scurry right along, there's nothing to see here. So can anyone interested in ergonomics, precise input devices, and gaming mice. Oh, and if you're strictly a desktop user, you can join the exit group too. At this point we should be left with notebook users who demand nothing more from their input peripheral than the ability to move a cursor around the screen. The Disk Mouse concept might be just the device you never knew you wanted.

The Disk Mouse concept is a 2011 Sparks Concept Design Award entry by designer Seung Han Jung and posted on Yanko Design, a groovy website filled with funky product ideas. Some are great and others are, well, like this one. The aptly named Disk Mouse (actually, it should be called Disc Mouse) is a mouse in the shape of a compact disc that you can shove into your notebook's optical drive when traveling. It transforms into a usable mouse by folding into a cone-shaped input peripheral that you would use like any other rodent, assuming your other rodents are uncomfortable, lack a lot of buttons, and just plain suck.

Perhaps we're being unfair and, should this ever become a real product, would feel and function better than it looks. Should that day come, we'll gladly eat crow. Until then, we'll suck it up and find a way to lug around our Cyborg R.A.T. 7 when on the go.

Image Credit: Seung Han Jung via Yanko Design

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