Transparent Laptop Concept Looks Neat, Not Really See-Through

Maximum PC Staff

Practicality be damned just might be the motto of PEGA Design & Engineering , into which their new acrylic-based laptop design seems to fit quite nicely. But, again, when you aren’t being constrained by the ‘must-sell’ design straightjacket of the marketplace, where the mind wanders can prove both interesting, and maybe predictive.

There’s not all that much to it, really. (No pun intended.) The base of the laptop, called the Hyaline, is made of conventional materials. But the LCD screen is housed in a translucent frame, which gives it a lighter look and feel--it “ appears to float ” says the description. Acrylic has it’s flaws (as Apple can attest after its production run of the Power Mac G4 Cube), so to reduce stress on the screen the laptop will be able to detect wireless networks without  being turned on. (Not quite sure why this is a big deal, however.)

While darn spiffy to look at now, one can help but wonder how attractive it’s going to be after a few months of real-world use.

Image Credit: PEGA Design & Engineering

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