Transcend Shoehorns 2TB of Storage Capacity into USB 3.0 Thumbstick

Paul Lilly

We don't know if Transcend is dabbling in voodoo these days or what's going, but somehow the company figured out a way to cram 2TB of storage into a container that's about the length of a USB thumb drive and only slightly thicker than a penny. Some of the credit also goes to Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), which co-developed the 'Thin Card' device.

Information about the drive that's puny in stature and massive in storage capacity is in short supply, though shot a short video of the SuperSpeed USB stick being shown off at Display Taiwan. In it, the representative shows off a 16GB model, which she says will be the smallest capacity available. Whatever technology is at work, she claims it will ramp up to 2TB in the same form factor.

No word on when something like this might make it to market or for how much, but assuming Transcend isn't blowing smoke up everyone's backside, this is a potential game changer in both portable storage and perhaps solid state drive design. The tricky party will be in making 2TB of flash storage affordable, or at least not obscene.

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