Transcend Kicks CompactFlash Cards into High Gear

Paul Lilly

Transcend this week announced a pair of ultra high-speed CompactFlash cards -- Ultimate 600X and Premium 400X -- the company claims offers "unmatched transfer rates."

Backing that claim is the Ultimate series 600X, which operates in a quad-channel configuration. Read and write speeds top out at about 90MB/s, while capacity ramps up to 32GB.

For those who require a little more storage, the Premium series 400X offers capacities ranging from 16GB on up to 64GB. They offer the same 90MB/s read speeds as the Ultimate series, but a bit more subdued write speeds at up to 60MB/s.

Both cards offer full support for UDMA mode 6 and built-in ECC to automatically detect and correct any errors.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Transcend

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