Trane Announces Badass Thermostat at CES

Michael Brown

This is truly geeky thing to get excited about, but Trane’s new ComfortLink II thermostat looks like an awesome way to control your home’s HVAC system.

The device features a seven-inch color touchscreen display that can not only control your heating and air-conditioning system, but it can also monitor the temperature in multiple rooms and connect to the Internet to display the temperature outside.

The thermostat can be controlled via Wi-Fi, but it’s also Z-Wave compatible (something that Trane hasn’t publicized because sister company Schlage isn’t quite ready to incorporte the new device into its LiNK home-control system).

When you’re not using the display for climate control, you can use it as a screen saver to display photos of your kids (or grandkids, as the case may be).

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