Tough Times Continue for AMD, Cuts 4Q Revenue Forecast 25 Percent


We're not sure what else AMD can do at this point to turn its fortunes around, save for releasing a Core i7 killer. Since sitting at the top of the performance hill with its Athlon 64 architecture, AMD has been on a steady downward fall and has tried everything to get back on track. Job cuts, a new CEO, internal reorganization, and even branching off into separate design and manufacturing companies. The end result? AMD is still struggling to make a buck.

This time its the sluggish global economy to blame, but the reason hardly seems to matter. No matter what the culprit, investors have to be feeling the pinch from AMD's recent fourth-quarter revenue estimates, which is down a whopping 25 percent. The company's third-quarter revenue sat at $1.59 billion, and Q4 is on target to drop to $1.19 billion. Ouch.

AMD isn't the only one going through tough times, but according to Endpoint Technologies Associates analyst Roger Kay, "AMD is proportionately more relieant on consumers than Intel. It's not good for Intel. How could it be good for AMD?"

One has to wonder just how long AMD can keep posting disappointing numbers, regardless of reason.

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