TouchPad Tablet Returns to Best Buy (and HP Officially Out of Stock)

Paul Lilly

Hewlett Packard over the weekend began sending emails to customers who signed up for updates on the TouchPad tablet to let them know the company is officially out of stock. Whatever remaining units HP had were sent off to retailers, but as far as HP's online inventory, it's been "depleted," HP said. For those of you still interested in snagging one of these fire sale tablets, Best Buy is one of the few places you'll be able to pick one up without an aftermarket price hike, albeit with a one very big caveat.

You have to purchase a new HP or Compaq laptop, desktop, or all-in-one computer. Starting on November 1 (tomorrow) at and November 4 in Best Buy stores, a 32GB TouchPad tablet will cost $150 with the purchase of a qualifying HP or Compaq system. The offer is only available on the 32GB model, which means your chances of scoring a $99 TouchPad (16GB) are practically nil at this point.

What if you don't want a new HP or Compaq system, but are still interested in purchasing a TouchPad tablet at Best Buy? The electronics chain will happily oblige, provided you were recently hit in the head and would somehow agree to fork over $600 for the standalone device. Yeah, right.

So, should you take advantage of this deal if you happen to be in the market for an HP or Compaq system anyway? That all depends on how comfortable you are owning an obsolete, albeit low cost full-sized tablet. You'll still be able to surf the Web from your couch and post updates to Facebook from the can, but you'll also be able to do those things from Amazon's upcoming Kindle Fire, a $200 tablet that's 7-inches in size and anything but obsolete.

On a side note, some users have been successful in porting Android over to the TouchPad, and word on the Web is that HP is experimenting with putting Windows 8 on it.

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