Touchless Gestures Introduce Minority Report Style Input to Windows 8

Paul Lilly

Believe us when we say that we know the Minority Report comparisons are getting stale whenever there's a technology introduced that comes even remotely close. However, it's also never been more appropriate than with new touchless gesture technology from Ellpitic Labs. Using ultrasound technology, Elliptic Labs has designed and launched the first commercial application of touchless gestures for Windows 8.

A Windows 8 Gesture Suite and SDK (Software Development Kit) are now available. Short and to the point, touchless gestures allows users to manipulate Windows 8 without ever touching the display, which is great if you like to snack on chips or greasy food all day long, or are just wary about the long-term consequences of poking and pounding on an LCD panel on a daily basis.

"Microsoft’s new metro interface changes how consumers interact with the operating system and the design is a perfect fit for touchless gestures. Elliptic’s Windows 8 Gesture Suite gives users a touchless version of the gestures they already know from a touchscreen," said Tobias Dahl , CTO and founder of Elliptic Labs.

It's an interesting technology that relies on sensors rather than cameras. One of the major advantages over camera-based technologies is that ultrasonic gesture technology works even in the dark (and bright light). It also uses up to 95 percent less power than current camera image-based gestural systems, Elliptic Labs claims.

Since it's a hardware based technology, you can't purchase the software and start using it straight away on your current monitor or laptop display. However, it's all fair game for future devices, especially if Windows 8 is the roaring success Microsoft hopes it will be.

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