Toshiba's Q Series Pro Solid State Drives are Slim Enough for Ultrabooks

Paul Lilly

High performance and slim design, at a price

Toshiba on Thursday announced its new Q Series Pro line of high-performance solid state drives. These 2.5-inch drives adhere to the 7mm form factor, which means they're slim enough to fit into an Ultrabook, a point of emphasis for Toshiba. Judging by the graphs on Toshiba's website, the Q Series Pro drives feature sequential read performance of around 550MB/s and sequential write performance in the neighborhood of 500MB/s.

It's tough to pinpoint exact performance metrics from the graphics and unfortunately Toshiba isn't real forthcoming with this information, though the company did provide a PCMark 7 performance graph that shows the Q Series Pro in a favorable light compared to similarly sized SSDs from Intel (525 Series), Crucial (M500 Series), and Samsung (840 and 840 Pro Series).

In fact, most details are missing, such as what controller Toshiba is using and what kind of chips, though we suspect MLC NAND flash memory parts, which are much more common in the consumer sector than SLC chips.

Pricing is likely to scare folks off. At a time when speedy SSDs can be had for less than a buck per gigabyte, Toshiba went the other direction with its MSRPs, which are set at $160 for 128GB, $310 for 256GB, and $740 for 512GB. Street pricing could end up being lower, however. In any event, all three capacities will be available later this month.

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