Toshiba Now Mass Producing Speedy 15nm NAND Flash Memory Chips



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I've got my fingers crossed that we won't end up in a RAM-like situation in the near future where, due to decreasing prices due to a strong supply, manufacturers dramatically cut back their production and then find an ever-so-convenient natural disaster to pin the blame on for the price hikes (eg:Hylinx fire).

SSDs are finally becoming decently priced and I'm having flashbacks to the glory days of 2011 right before the flood that was blamed for spiking HDD prices for the better part of 2 years.



Would of been better if the break thru was "2x the current speed with 2x the lifespan". But what I'm really looking forward too is the day when Nands can run as fast and last as long as DDR5. Once than happens, System Ram will be a thing of the past as CPU's will access data directly from the SSD instead of system ram. Can't wait!



Life span is never going to happen. The smaller the memory cell, the shorter they live.



I'm betting CPUs will have embedded RAM. Then we'll all select SKUs based on memory capacity in addition to clock frequency. Just a hunch..



Or more likely there will be L1, L2 on-die and the L3 migrate back to the motherboard as a buffer between the SSD and CPU.