Toshiba Kirabook Review



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It's probably just me but, I definitely don't think of the word luxury when it comes to Toshiba laptops



The screen resolution is the only thing in this laptop that I like. Not really into anything else it has to offer.


Keith E. Whisman

I think you meant that this display is only 6 pixels shy of the Mac book pro's display. You put 160 ppi difference but you gave the pixel density for this display and that of the MBP and by counting numerous times with my fingers and toes I still come up with a difference of 6. Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps there is a Dr. Who explanation for all this.



I'd love to have a screen like that in a laptop. However, I'd like to also have a GPU in that laptop which could actually drive the screen at that screen resolution. While I haven't heard much about Iris, which this laptop doesn't have anyhow, I haven't heard anything that leads me to believe that even it, Intel's mightiest iGPU "evarrrrr", can push 1440.

I also don't like this trend that laptops are having of stripping out connectivity options. If I have to carry a zillion external drives and dongles to give a new laptop the functionality of older laptops, which I would, then the new laptops are actually less portable.

Also, what happened to the PC Card slot? Instead of evolving it seems to have just gone extinct. Is it still alive but just forgotten, like the 3 Gbps version of FireWire?



This is a horrible value. I just built out a rMBP (which this seeks to emulate) from Apple's site and got a far better-speced computer for less. If Apple's hardware costs less than yours than you are obviously wrong lol.



I did a double-take, does this thing really have an optical drive? Nope, it doesn't. The details table may have been cut-and-pasted from another story.

The recently released Lenovo Yoga 2 has a 13.3-inch screen that claims 3200 x 1800 resolution. Granted it doesn't have the more robust i7 that this laptop supports, but it's less expensive, more flexible, with more storage at a similar price point and all-around better than this thing.

How is the zero point battery life 22??! Is that in minutes? What horrible device is that ultra-portable? Or maybe this is another table typo.