Toshiba Wastes No Time with OCZ Acquisition, Announces Vertex 460 SSD Series

Paul Lilly

Fast SSD takes aim at cost-conscious enthusiasts

On the same day that Toshiba announced it finalized its acquisition of OCZ Technology, the newly formed and wholly owned subsidiary OCZ Storage Solutions rolled out its first product release, the Vertex 460 SSD Series . The new family of SSDs is an evolution of the 20nm-based Vertex 450 Series. It employs OCZ's proprietary Barefoot 3 (BF3) M10 controller with Toshiba's 19nm multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory for a high performance solution at mainstream prices.

The Vertex 460 Series offers up to 545MB/s sequential read and up to 525MB/s sequential write performance, along with 95,000 4K random read IOPS and up to 90,000 4K random write IOPS. OCZ rates the sustained 4K random write performance at up to 23,000 IOPS.

Other features include AES-256 encryption and a power-optimized clock. In terms of reliability, OCZ says these drives can deliver 20GB of host writes per day for a 3-year warranty. In addition, all Vertex 460 Series SSDs are equipped with flash management tools that analyze and dynamically adapt to increasing NAND vulnerabilities as flash cells wear.

The drives are available to pre-order now in 120GB ($120) , 240GB ( $140 $200) , and 480GB ($359) capacities.

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