Toshiba Shows Off Fuel Cell-Powered "Internet Viewer"


Toshiba sees a future in which Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) power technology steps into the limelight to prevent scenarios in which "a busy business person making a presentation to clients" runs out of battery power, or "a woman talking on her mobile phone while walking around town" being forced to cut her conversation short (see these and other scenarios laid out in humorous fashion here ). With DMFC technology, these and other devices can be quickly recharged without having to swap out the batteries or cut off power.

More than just a concept technology, Toshiba was touting a new DMFC internet viewer device at CES. Using a dual-methanol power source, Toshiba says its internet viewer can run for about a week of normal usage before having to replace the methanol. The wireless prototype was shown running Windows, but no information was given on what hardware it was using.

Intrigued? Get the full scoop, as Toshiba sees it, on DFMC technology here .

Image Credit: Engadget

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