Toshiba Reveals 32GB Flash Memory Modules for [i]Phones


Toshiba said it has upgraded its onboard flash memory with a new 32GB embedded module. The upgrade makes use of eight 4GB NAND chips built using a smaller 43nm manufacturing process in a single package, allowing Toshiba to fit twice as much capacity in a similar space as before.

The 32GB modules are expected to show up in smaller portable devices, and because the new design integrates its own controller to manage data traffic, other device makers will be able to drop the package in without having to re-engineer their hardware. Toshiba hasn't said which individual customers are expected to buy the new 32GB packages, but it's worth noting that Toshiba is a key supplier of Apple and we could very well end up seeing the chips used in iPhones and iPod Touches.

Toshiba will start offering samples to clients in September with bulk production to expected to follow shortly after.

Image Credit: Toshiba

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