Toshiba Releases Its First 7mm Solid State Hybrid Drive

Paul Lilly

Suitable for both ultra-thin and standard size notebooks

Toshiba this week put storage on a diet by announcing its incredibly thin, 7mm MQ01ABFH solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) family. Outfitted with Toshiba's NAND flash memory chips and available in 500GB and 320GB capacities, the MQ01ABFH series is the company's first foray into 7mm territory as it pertains to SSHD products. Thin and light notebooks are the obvious target here, though Toshiba says the drives are equally suited for standard size laptops as well.

"The MQ01ABFH series fulfills users' desire for thin and light notebook PCs with fast response times that can keep up with their demanding gaming and multimedia applications," said Don Jeanette (PDF) , director of product marketing at Toshiba's Storage Products Business Unit. "This addition to our SSHD lineup demonstrates Toshiba's continued focus on delivering a wide range of storage devices that enhances the computing experience for our customers."

By combining NAND flash memory with rotating media, Toshiba hopes to offer the best of both worlds, offering SSD-like performance for frequently accessed programs, and large amounts of storage for everything else. Similar to Toshiba's other SSHD products, the MQ01ABFH uses self-learning algorithms to optimize performance based on a users' data access patterns.

Samples of the new drives will be available beginning June 28.

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