Toshiba Marches Out Next Generation Enterprise Drives Spinning at 15,000 RPM

Paul Lilly

New hard drives for mission critical applications

If it weren't for pesky budgets and a little thing called fiscal responsibility, most businesses would opt for super fast and capacious solid state drives, but in the interest of balance sheets, hard drives are still vogue. There's also room for continued improvement and innovation in the HDD space, which Toshiba tackled with its new enterprise-grade AL13SXB and AL13SXQ HDDs .

The AL13SX series comes in 300GB, 450GB, and 600GB capacities, each one boasting support for industry 512n sector lengths in a space-friendly 2.5-inch form factor. These drives include Toshiba's persistent write cache technology for improved data integrity and performance while spinning at 15,000 RPM. Specs are virtually the same for the AL13SXQ, except that it adds self-encryption to the fold.

"The 15,000 RPM disk continues to be the backbone of mission critical IT operations. Toshiba’s AL13SX doubles available capacity while preserving the low-latency and energy efficiency customers require," said Don Jeanette (PDF) , senior director of marketing at Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit. "While older 3.5-inch 15,000 RPM disk drives are withdrawing from the market, the AL13SX provides a clear migration path to 2.5-inch models with the same 600GB capacity and lower latency for improved performance with a significant power savings – a real win-win for the important mission-critical storage category."

Toshiba didn't say when the new drives will be available or how much they'll cost.

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