Toshiba Hides Behind Fine Print in World Cup Giveaway Promotion

Paul Lilly

For those of you who watched the World Cup, you got to see some of the worst officiating in the history of sports with lots of blown calls and questionable judgment. So is it really any surprise that Toshiba's World Cup promotion would be equally controversial?

Here's the deal. Toshiba, riding the wave of the World Cup frenzy, ran a promotion that essentially encouraged consumers to buy a Core i5 laptop or Toshiba TV, and if your country wins the World Cup Final, Toshiba promised to refund your money. The promotion was run in Germany, England, Portugal, Italy, and Spain, and as everyone knows by now, Spain went on to actually win the thing.

Ready for the gotcha? A bit of small print on the ad instructed consumers to see Toshiba's site for more details, and it's there that Toshiba listed a requirement that all claimants must register their product by June 17th. As you might expect, a whole bunch of Spaniards are pretty pissed off over Toshiba's red card move.

The questions is, should Toshiba honor the rebates even if buyers didn't register their product? Spanish consumer advocate site argues that such a major requirement shouldn't have been tucked away online, but included with the ads.

Do you agree, or this is a case where consumers simply failed to perform their due diligence?

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