Michael Brown Aug 28, 2012

Toshiba DX735-D3201

At A Glance


Very quiet; 7,200rpm hard drive.

Taxi Driver

Integrated graphics; no Blu-ray drive; just 4GB of RAM.

Toshiba offers three SKUs in the DX735 line, two with Core i5 CPUs and one with a Core i7. All three models use mobile CPUs, and all three rely on integrated graphics. Whereas HP’s TouchSmart 520-1070 is somewhat capable of playing games, Toshiba’s DX735 series is not at all capable. If you really want to play games on this machine, we suggest plugging an Xbox 360 into its HDMI input.

We find the price/performance ratio of Toshiba’s DX735-D3201 all-in-one to be lacking.

The specific model Toshiba sent is outfitted with Intel’s 2.4GHz Core i5-2430M. The lower-power and mobile CPU requires much less cooling, and the DX735 was much quieter than HP’s machine. Toshiba provides a smaller-capacity hard drive than HP—just 1TB—but at least it’s a 7,200rpm model. The DX735 also provides half as much memory as the TouchSmart: 4GB of DDR3/1,333MHz memory running in dual-channel mode. And where HP spoils us with a Blu-ray player, Toshiba meagerly provides a simple DVD burner. And to add insult to injury, it’s a tray model. The rest of the spec chart is what we’d expect to find in an all-in-one. There’s a 1.3MP webcam integrated into the bezel; six USB ports (two of which are USB 3.0); a memory card reader; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), and gigabit networking; and an HDMI input (don’t buy an all-in-one that lacks this feature).

Toshiba offers several innovative features, including one USB port that can charge an attached device even when the computer is sleeping, hibernating, or completely shut down. You can also plug an audio device into the machine and use its onboard speakers under the same circumstances. Onkyo manufactures the speakers, and there’s both Dolby Advanced Audio and Waves MaxxAudio 3 to augment the computer’s onboard sound, but we’re as unimpressed with Toshiba’s audio effort as we are with HP’s Beats collaboration. These systems are fine for watching the news or a cooking show, but you’ll need discrete powered speakers to get high-quality sound from an all-in-one.

The wireless mouse and keyboard feel flimsy and cheap. And while every prebuilt PC comes with a collection of bloatware, Toshiba’s offering is especially galling: Best Buy’s PC App, which is set by default to launch every time you start the computer. This is little more than a real-time advertisement and an Internet link to Best Buy’s Geek Squad tech-support service. Toshiba’s Toshiba Board—a bulletin-board style user interface—reminds us of HP’s first-generation TouchSmart interface, but it’s not as well optimized for a touchscreen; in fact, it’s actually a transplant from Toshiba’s non-touch notebook line. The 23-inch LED-backlit screen, on the other hand, is at least as good as HP’s—both visually and as a touchscreen. The DX735 is mounted on a TV-style stand with limited tilt. As with the HP, you must move the entire computer to swivel the display right or left.

The DX735-D3201 was selling online for $900 at press time, which seems a little high for an all-in-one with a Core i5 processor, integrated graphics, just 4GB of RAM, and no Blu-ray player.


HP TouchSmart 520-1070
Toshiba DX735-D3201
Photoshop (sec)
MainConcept (sec)
Premiere (sec)
ProShow Producer (sec)
Metro 2033 (fps)17.8WNR

Best scores are bolded. Metro 2033 benchmarked using DirectX 10 with resolution at 1280x720, quality at medium, antialiasing at MSAA 4x, texture filtering at AF16x, and PhysX disabled. All other benchmarks performed at display’s native resolution of 1920x1080.


HP TouchSmart 520-1070Toshiba DX735-D3201
Price (street)
CPU 2.8GHz Core i7-2600S2.4GHz Core i5-2430M
AMD Radeon HD 6550AIntegrated (Intel HD Graphics 3000)
8GB DDR3/13334GB DDR3/1333
HDD2TB (5,400rpm)1TB (7,200rpm)
OpticalBlu-ray player/DVD burnerDVD burner
Display23-inch, LED backlit23-inch, LED backlit



Toshiba DX735-D3201

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