Toshiba Announces 'Highest Capacity' 2.5-inch 10,500 RPM HDD

Pulkit Chandna

Toshiba today announced the launch of four new 2.5-inch enterprise HDDs , each with a rotation speed of 10,500 RPM. According to the company, the highest capacity drive in the new “AL13SE” line-up, the 900GB AL13SEB900, is also the “industry's highest capacity” drive when it comes to 2.5-inch HDDs spinning at 10,500 RPM.

“AL13SEB900 achieves an industry-leading 900GB capacity by using an improved perpendicular magnetic recording technology head and a disk with an enhanced magnetic layer to realize an areal density of 856 Mbit/mm2 (552 Gbpsi),” the company explained in a press release.

Thanks to its higher linear recording density, the AL13SEB900 boasts an internal transfer rate of 286 MB/s, which is around 32 percent higher than its predecessor, the MBF2600RC. Another area where the AL13SEB900 significantly improves upon the MBF2600RC is power consumption. It is said to be 41 percent more efficient than its predecessor in this regard.

The other 2.5-inch enterprise drives announced by Toshiba are the 300GB AL13SEB300, the 450GB AL13SEB450, and the 600GB AL13SEB600. While the press release is mum on pricing, it does say that volume shipments will begin next month.

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