Toshiba Annoucnes 64GB NAND Package Likely to Augment Next-gen iPhone

Ryan Whitwam

Ho-hum, just some new Toshiba flash memory chips. Not so fast, though. The sheer existence of this chip could point to the impending production of a certain Apple product . This NAND memory module has a 64GB capacity consisting of sixteen 32Gb NAND chips. Toshiba is touting this as the world’s highest density NAND chip.

Back when the iPhone 3GS was torn apart (as is customary) we saw that is used single Toshiba NAND modules in either 16 or 32GB capacities. Could this be another hint that production is about to ramp up for a next generation Phone? It certainly would jive nicely with the rumors that Foxconn has already received orders for the new smartphone.

Toshiba expects to start mass producing the new chips in early 2010. That’s just in time to start stuffing them into new iPhones a few months later. The iPod Touch has always used a pair of NAND chips, so we may also see a 128GB iPod Touch.

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