Toshiba Adds 4TB Drives to MG Series for Enterprise

Paul Lilly

Toshiba this week announced that it's upping the storage ante for business customers by fleshing out its enterprise hard drive line with four new 4TB HDDs. The large capacity drives are part of Toshiba's MG Series and includes both SATA flavors -- MG03ACA400, MG03ACA400Y -- and SAS models -- MG03SCA400, MG03SCP400 -- all of which offer 4TB of capacity with varying feature-sets.

"Organizations of all sizes continue to be challenged by the exponential growth of big data and information they need to protect and maintain," said Joel Hagberg (PDF) , vice president of marketing, Toshiba Storage Products Business. "Toshiba's new 4TB drives provide the high-capacity enterprise-class reliability required to keep up with rapid data growth."

Of the two SATA models, the MG03ACA400Y adds self-encryption to the mix with support for cryptographic-erase using the latest T13 SANITIZE crypto-scramble protocol and the older T13 ATA Security Erase command protocol. On the SAS side, the MG03SCP400 is the SED (self-encrypting drive) model with support for both the T10 SANITIZE crypto-erase feature and the Trusted Computing Group Enterprise Security Sub-Classification protocols.

All four drives feature a 7200 RPM spindle speed, 64MB cache, up to 165MB/s sustained transfer rate, and 4.17ms average latency time. Toshiba backs its MG Series with a 5-year warranty.

Sample shipments are supposed to start in December, followed by volume shipments "early next year." No word yet on price.

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