Top Case Modders, Manufacturers Collaborate On "John Hanlon Fundraiser PC" For Disabled Mentor

Brad Chacos

Members of the case modding community have long looked up to John Hanlon, aka JohnHanlon303, as more than just a friendly face; many consider him a full-fledged mentor. Earlier this year, the community learned that Hanlon suffers from incurable asbestos poisoning that leaves him with 40 percent lung capacity and recently, left him permanently unable to work. Rather than simply sending social media condolences, the modderati, with the help of several sponsors, leaped into action to try and raise funds for Hanlon. The result -- the John Hanlon Fundraiser PC -- went up for auction on eBay this afternoon and looks amazing .

Several of the modders whose work was highlighted in our recent case mod gallery had a hand in the John Hanlon Fundraiser PC, and members of the Bit-Tech modding forums contributed gear -- including water pumps, fan grills and the Windows 7 OS -- to the build. Zotac, Steel Series, , Patriot Memory, Paslis, Lutro0 Customs, Prolimatech and Gigabyte all offered up various hardware components, which are housed in a Define R3 Case donated by Fractal Design. Mnpctech (of Star Trek PC fame ) donated several other items and actually built the John Hanlon Fundraiser PC, complete with custom airbrush work by modding maestro Brad Galvin (whose work was highlighted in our eye-popping case mods feature ). Richard "DarthBeavis" Surroz of Out of the Box Mods helped with the water cooling installation.

This one-of-a-kind beaut's stacked with care, love, and all kinds of powerful components, so don't expect it to sell cheap. (In fact, it's already up at $1,025.) If the eBay auction's a bit too rich for your blood, Alex Ftoulis (aka AnGEL) and Masbuskado Modding have also set up a Paypal donation fund for Hanlon's benefit . If it isn't, you have 10 days (until May 21) to place a bid.

Thirsting for more? Mnpctech's Bill Owen gives a walkthrough of the finished build in the video below, and you can find the worklog here . I won't spam you with stuff like this too often but this one's for a good cause, folks.

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