Too-Good-to-be-True Indian $10 Notebook was Too Good to be True

Paul Lilly

The sub-$100 laptop; Bigfoot; Tooth Fairy; AMD's Core i7 killer. You can now add India's $10 laptop to this list of things that don't, and probably never will, exist. Bummer.

India was expected to unveil a low power notebook with 2GB of memory, WiFi connectivity, and storage expansion options all for the incredibly low price of $10 on February 3rd. Perhaps too incredible, because the $10 laptop turned out not to be a laptop at all, nor did it cost just $10. Instead, the $30 device put on display turned out to be a 10 x 5-inch gadget capable of storing information and accessible by connecting it to a laptop. Sounds a lot like a USB key to us, expect this one is apparently capable of printing.

Why do we feel compelled to give a Duke Nukem Forever update at this point?

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